What is Functional Medicine?

At Revitalogy, we call our “Pro-Vitality” Method: “the study and science of living well with renewed vitality.” The “study” is the study of your health, and the “science” is the treatments used to optimize your personal health profile. In more common parlance, we practice functional medicine. But, what is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is personalized medicine that treats the patient as a whole that addresses the underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach.  By shifting the focus of more traditional, disease-centered medicine to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person—not just an isolated set of symptoms. It builds a comprehensive view of who you are today in your present state, while taking into consideration both internal and external influences on your health.

Systems-Oriented Approach

Functional medicine focuses on the interrelationship of various organ systems in the body, but also the way that interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle practices influence long-term health and chronic disease. A major tenant of Functional Medicine is that it can identify many of the underlying causes of chronic disease—even before the disease is present. Chronic disease is almost always preceded by a period of declining function in one or more of the body’s organ systems. Our health is determined by the way these systems function in relation to the other.  Each patient’s profile represents a unique web of influences on this functionality that include: inflammation and oxidative stress, lifestyle factors (diet, stress, physical activity), genetic vulnerabilities, and environmental factors (toxins in the air, water, soil, etc.).


The key to unlocking your health is by learning about the current state of your body. We cannot express this enough: education is the key to this equation. Both doctor and patient work together to learn about your body: how it is functioning on its own, and how internal and external factors are affecting it. The relationship between patient and practitioner is a partnership that is focused on one goal: optimizing the patient’s health.  It is up to the patient to reveal a full medical/lifestyle history, and it is up to the practitioner to identify each patient’s antecedents, triggers, and mediators of disease and dysfunction, and to conduct diagnostic testing accordingly. Through this symbiotic relationship, patient and practitioner work together to create a comprehensive picture of where patient issues are originating, what has influenced their development, and where and how to intervene to begin reversing the disease process.

Functional Medicine practitioners look at core functions in the body. They identify imbalances in these functions to consider the physiological mechanisms of disease. Doctors then measure the clinical studies, diagnoses, and experiences acquired during their medical training against these findings, taking a scientifically complex approach to your health. The functions they look at are:

  • Digestion, absorption, microbiota/GI, respiration
  • Immune, inflammation, infection
  • Energy regulation, mitochondrial function
  • Toxicity, detoxification
  • Cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
  • Endocrine, nuerotransmiters, immune messengers
  • Subcellular membranes to musculoskeletal integrity

One disease, condition, or symptom may have multiple causes from multiple clinical imbalances. And, one imbalance may cause a series of ostensibly disparate conditions. Traditional medicine treats one symptom without considering the effect on other systems/functions in the body. Functional medicine works with your entire health profile to contribute to overall wellness.

It’s all about YOU:

Functional medicine is personalized medicine in which practitioners develop individual treatment plans for the patients they treat. By identifying the underlying root cause or causes of disease (and yes….aging is considered a disease), physicians develop a matrix from your health profile as a basis for treatment.

At Revitalogy, we call this personalized medical approach Pro-Vitality Medicine, as we are focused on not only the prevention and treatment of chronic disease, but also the optimization of your health in terms of aging and living with as much vitality as possible.. Successful Revitalogy treatments result in complete revitalization. If you are looking to get to the root cause of the way you are feeling, call: 561-406-2269 to set up a Revitalogy consult today.

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