Dangerous Supplement Ingredients

What are all of those additional ingredients in supplements? Just as processed foods are loaded with unnecessary additives, the same goes for vitamin supplements. Many times they are low-grade and potentially harmful binders and fillers. Some manufacturers use these dangerous supplement ingredients for the following reasons:

  1. Easier and faster production
  2. Making vitamins more pleasing to the eye (colorants)
  3. Making supplements easier to swallow (coatings)

The last two reasons seem justifiable, but these fillers can seriously impact your body and health. Simply put, it’s not good. The body doesn’t need or want these ingredients. Ingesting them daily can have real consequences for your health. In many cases, these ingredients block the absorption of the very nutrients that the supplement includes.

It is best practice to research any and all vitamin supplement that you are taking for both the efficacy and the additional ingredients they may include. Any supplement that has dangerous additives and fillers will be harmful to your health. Thus, it is best to go with physician-formulated, pharmaceutical grade supplements whenever possible.

Revitalogy’s Physician-Formulated, Pro-Vitality Supplements

The simple truth is that not all supplements are created equal. Revitalogy Pro-Vitality Supplements are all “physician-formulated.” Dr. Matteo Rosselli and Dr. Suresh Raja designed each supplement to maximize the results of Revitalogy’s Pro-Vitality Treatment protocols. They were unable to find supplements that matched their high standards, so they designed their own. Revitalogy’s Physician-Formulated Supplements include pharmeceutical-grade ingredients of the highest quality. These measures ensure the higher degree of bioavailabilty (the degree to which supplements are absorbed in your body).

Doctors Rosselli and Raja call these supplements “Pro-Vitality” because of their ability to optimize your health–giving you maximum vitality at any age.

Revitalogy Pro-Vitality Supplements include:


  • 5-HTP 
  • Adrenal Assist
  • Appetite Support
  • Complex B
  • Cognitive Support
  • Revital Energy
  • Men’s Daily
  • Women’s Daily
  • Methyl B
  • Sleep 101 Liquid Melatonin
  • Cardio Support
  • Brain Boost: Phosphatidylserine Powder
  • Liquid D3
  • Revital Folate: L-5 MTHF
  • Antioxidant Detox: N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Cardio-Rejuvenation: D-Ribose Powder
  • Muscularity 101: BCAA w/L-Glutamine
  • Revitawell: SAMe
  • Revitalogy Cleanse Plus DETOX

Call: 561-406-2269 to learn more or to purchase Revitalogy Pro-Vitality Supplements.

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