Testosterone Therapy and Healthy Body Composition

Testosterone Therapy is a leading anti-aging therapy for both men and women looking to optimize their health, age, and quality of life.  With over half of the population either obese or overweight, researchers are constantly looking for new ways to address an epidemic that is making the population fat and tired, but also feeding diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, and Type II Diabetes. There are strong links between testosterone therapy and healthy body composition.

Studys Show Strong Evidence Linking Testosterone Therapy Improves Body Composition and Glucose Metabolism

The European Journal of Endocrinology published results of a study that revealed strong evidence that testosterone, which plays a role in regulating body composition in healthy individuals, may improve body composition and glucose metabolism in men.

The study, which included 59 trials with more than 5,100 male patients (with an average age of 62 years), revealed strong evidence that testosterone supplementation may improve body composition and glucose metabolism in older men. Specifically, the study showed a connection between testosterone therapy and male metabolic function, associated with a “significant reduction in fat with an increase of lean mass a well as with a reduction of fasting glycaemia [blood glucose levels] and insulin resistance” (Corona et al., 2016).

Testosterone plays an important role in in regulating healthy body composition. This isn’t the first study to show the benefits of testosterone therapy in weight management.

Finding similar results as those in the study in the European Journal of Endocrinology, other researchers have concluded that, “while there was no change in body weight, testosterone treatment produced a reduction in total body fat of 3 kilograms (more than six pounds) while increasing muscle mass by the same amount” (Goldbaum). What this means of course is that testosterone therapy regulates a healthy body composition, decreasing fat and increasing muscle, optimizing the body’s health, wellness, and ability to age well.

Is Testosterone Therapy Right For You?

Testosterone therapy has been proven time and time again to be the leading anti-aging treatment in both men and women, offering a host of benefits such as: increased libido, improved concentration, stronger bones, healthy sleep patterns, etc. However, the continued research on this important therapy allows physicians to customize testosterone treatments in a way that is most beneficial for your body.

If you are planning to begin testosterone therapy, make sure to contact a physician who specializes in hormone therapies. Dr. Rosselli at Revitalogy understands the complexities involved with prescribing hormonal therapy treatments. By taking a comprehensive approach that includes a full medical history and extensive testing, Revitalogy provides the safest and most effective means for treating your symptoms.

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Dr. Matteo Rosselli, D.O.

Dr. Matteo Rosselli, D.O.

Medical Director and Co-Founder of Revitalogy

An expert in the field of pro-vitality medicine, Dr. Rosselli’s priority is to provide the safest and most effective strategies for slowing the aging process and restoring the youthful vitality that decreases as we age. He believes that the integration of revolutionary medical research with his patients’ individual health profiles is the most optimal method for prescribing anti-aging medicine programs that will produce effective results.

His revolutionary syntheses of Endocrine Optimization, IV hydration, and Physician-Formulated Vitamin Supplementation, have been drastically reducing age-related disease and symptoms while restoring a youthful and beautiful energy to his patients.

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