What is the Best Time of Day to Take Supplements?


Have you ever wondered about the best time of day to take supplements? Do you wonder if they can interact with each other or if they can be more effective at certain times of the day? If you answered yes, you’re asking all of the right questions.

Supplements are very important for optimal health. We should ALL be taking some kind of vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, etc. to supplement the food we eat. It is just as important to take certain supplements at certain times of the day so that they do not interfere with your sleep or upset your stomach–but also so that they are most effective.

Below is a quick list of common types of supplements and the best time of day at which to take them. Please remember that it is ALWAYS best to check with your doctor or healthcare provider regarding the timing of your vitamin supplements. Under many special circumstances, this information might change.

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Common Supplement Types and Best Time of Day to Take Them:


The best and most effective time to take probiotics is when your digestive system is least active. So…this one varies. Both at bedtime or in the morning works. Our gastrointestinal system decreases function at nighttime and is less active after a night of sleep in the morning, so probiotics can spend more time in the intestines doing the important work that they do! Always let your doctor know if you are taking an antibiotic and a probiotic, as they should be spaced 2 hours away from each other.


Antioxidants, such as glutathione, turmeric, etc. are also best at night time.


Fiber can bind to certain supplements (and medications) and prevent their absorption. Thus, fiber supplements should always be taken at least 2 hours away from any other supplement or medication.

Adrenal Stimulants

If it has “stimulant” in the name, this means that it will keep you awake! Thus, you do not want to take an adrenal stimulant after 2 pm.


Unless you follow a very strict meal plan and eating all day long, your body probably needs some help with essential vitamins and minerals. Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A and E are better absorbed with higher-fat foods, like avocados, nuts, coconut oil, etc. Many B vitamins can also keep you awake, so it is also best to take vitamins during the day, so as not to affect your sleep. It is important to figure out which sort of vitamins you are taking so that you take them in the most effective way. As we say at Revitalogy: KNOW your body. KNOW your health. And, in this case, KNOW your vitamins!


Minerals such as magnesium should be taken at bedtime, as Magnesium can give you restful sleep. Other minerals also produce a calming effect and should be taken at night. If you are prescribed to take double doses of certain minerals, they will not make you sleepy if you take them in the morning at night.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes help you to digest the food you are about to eat. Therefore, they are best taken right before a meal. They help to break down and assimilate food more effectively.

Iron Supplements

Iron supplements are best absorbed when taken with something acidic, such as orange juice or even a Vitamin C supplement.

Essential Fats

Essential fats are best taken in between meals and on an empty stomach, although your physician may prescribe something different. Remember that it is always best to listen to your physician.

Free Form Amino Acids

Amino acids should also be taken in between meals on an empty stomach.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes can serve as a meal replacement, and thus they are usually taken as a meal or with a meal can be taken as a meal or with a meal.  However, many people take protein shakes as a snack and in between larger meals.

Stay tuned for more nutrition, anti-aging, detox, and hormone balancing tips to come!

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