Our Method

The Revitalogy Method Begins with You

Because Revitalogy is the “science” and “study” of living with renewed vitality, the process begins with two components: learning about your body in its present state (the study), and applying innovative pro-vitality technologies to improve it (the science). The third component allows you to continue monitoring your progress during your treatment. The more educated you are about your body, the better Revitalogy’s medical experts can create a customized treatment plan that will have you feeling, looking, and living with more vitality.

Component 1: The Study

The first step is to learn about the present state of your body with a consultation and diagnostic lab work. During your consultation, a Revitalogy physician will ask you full your full medical history and order comprehensive lab work and medical testing that is fine tuned to your wants, symptoms (if any), and your physiological state.  During this important process, you will be evaluated by testing everything from your micronutrient profile to the length of your telomeres.


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Your Journey Continues with Proven Technologies

The science behind Revitalogy’s comprehensive method draws upon three key pro-vitality modalities that can be used in combination to achieve maximum revitalization. Separately, each modality can be customized to your needs and AGEOGRAPHY.

Component 2: The Science

After a Revitalogy physician analyzes your diagnostic lab work, a customized pro-vitality plan will be designed for you. Consisting of Intravenous Hydration, Endocrine Optimization, Nutritional Supplementation, and/or a variety of Alternative Therapies your plan will reframe the way you feel about aging and allow you to focus on living.

IV Hydration

Hormone Replacement

Vitamin Supplementation

Alternative Therapies

Revitalogy’s pro-vitality modalities are part of a comprehensive approach to aging well that provide maximum vitality. In unison, these revolutionary modalities slow down the multidimensional process of aging in which physical, psychological, and even social changes occur. Separately, they can be used for your precise needs and personal health profile. We choose to call these treatments “pro-vitality” instead of “anti-aging” because, if we are aging, we are LIVING. And, the Revitalogy method will help you to achieve optimum vitality at any age.


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Everything is in YOUR Hands

REVITALOGY’s proven, pro-vitality method allows you to actively manage your age and revitalize your present…your NOW. However, the learning process continues with close monitoring of your physiological state throughout your treatment.

Final Component: Continuing Education

With the help of our easy-to-use Patient Portal, you can follow your progress on a fully secure, HIPPA Compliant customized patient profile. With full control of your records, you can access all of your lab results, health records, and goals. This robust portal will allow you to manage your age easily, along with REVITALOGY medical team that will contact you when it’s time for a check up or lab test.



How It Works:

1. Schedule

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2. Consult/Lab Work

Come to Revitalogy for a consult and to have all of your diagnostic lab work performed.


3. Review

Revitalogy physicians receive your results (1-2 weeks) and develop a Custom Treatment plan for you to review.

4. Start Living Better

Receive and begin your customized treatment plan that includes some or all of Revitalogy's pro-vitality modalities.

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