A Physician Formulated and Monitored 14-Day Detox Program

Revitalogy Cleanse Plus

14-Day Physician Formulated Comprehensive Detox Program with functional food powder drink mix packets, Liver Detox and Enzyme Boost capsule packets, Program Guidebook with schedule sample menus, and suggested food options, and a Revitalogy Shaker Bottle.

Pro-Vitality Support

Kick-Off Consultation and Pro-Vitality Detox Support Call

Weekly B12 Boosters

Boosts energy levels and facilitates red blood cell production.

IV Hydration

Specialized IV Hydration treatments that burn fat, flush away toxins, boost energy, and even regulate cholesterol.

Optional Diagnostic Testing

Options for AGEOGRAPHY Lab Work: Nutritional, Cardiometabolic, Hormonal, Food Allergy, MTHFR, and Telomere testing.

Designed by Dr. Matteo Rosselli, D.O. and Whitney F. Brown, ARNP Revitalogy’s comprehensive detox program is designed to flush away toxins, aid in weight loss, and increase energy levels. The goal of this program is to gently and slowly support the process of metabolic detoxification. We live in an ever-increasingly toxic environment.These toxins can and often do become trapped in the body’s organs and tissues, which over time can negatively impact health, vitality, and overall wellness, and may contribute to the development of chronic illness. The Revitalogy Detox is simple to complete and effective in outcome. By supporting the body’s natural two-phase process of detoxification, toxins can safely and effectively be cleansed from the body. This detox can be fully customized or adjusted for your wants and needs.

14-Day Revitalogy Detox Options

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